All animal species, from mammals and birds to fish and amphibians, are becoming endangered every day. Learn about some of these threatened animals as you test your wildlife knowledge with this quick fire Animal Face-off Quiz.

There are 5 levels of difficulty. Each level has 20 cards. Each card shows a close-up photograph of an animal together with 3 clues. There is a choice of two answers. Tap on the animal name that you think is correct to flip the card and reveal the right answer. At the end of each level, your score is revealed.

Play the quiz by yourself, with a friend, or in teams.

Find out more

To find out more about the animals featured in this quiz, why they have become endangered, and what is being done to help them, check out the Endangered Animals app, available from iTunes. Packed with information and great photos, plus maps and a glossary, you can use Endangered Animals to help you with school projects and quizzes, or just to learn more about of some of the amazing wildlife living on our planet.

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